The rollercoaster of the climate change is a tipping point in term of living. And about life we can consider all the miain aspects that involve the human being habits: home life, wroking life, spare time, sport life.

Each one is a moment, and each one shows specific needs: in terms of attititude and predisposition to live it at its best. Hence a buried need not always really considered: how a yarn could better make you live that moment? The answer lays in PERFORMANCE.

Performance is not just related to win, but to succeed in a process, the one that involves a person along his path. And if we consider how many aspects can affect our life we really understand why the fabrics that go to compose our clothes, our furnishings and so on can determine our wellness too.

Today we go in-depth about the dualism between cold and heat, and how to find a balance by choosing Resistex Silver yarn in several moments of our life. About the cold: the main problems to face are irradiation, evaporation and convetion.

Resistex Silver yarn has a reflective power, to be specific the highest value compared to any other element, thanks to an IR over than 95%. That means that over the 95% of the radiant energy in contact with Silver is reflected back to its source. This kind of reaction allows silver to minimize the loss of the heat from human body, preserving the temperature of the body even on winter season.

Moving on to the next property, we see Resistex Silver as a source of radiating power! On the other side indeed silver has the lowest rate of radiance among all elements. To simplify the chemistry, we could just say that Silver has a low radiation rate of thermal energy: because Silver remains hot for a longer time than any other element.

What does all this mean: that all the heat which is not really absorbed by the body, remains stored in the fiber, keeping warm the garment and allowing to give constantly heat to the body.

Last but not least, we tall about the evaporating power. A very important feature working on the body all the time as long as you wear clothes made with Resistex Silver, the yarn allows to accelerate the movement of moisture through out the evaporation, creating a perfect balance inside the body, and a comfortable sensation.

Let’s go to the next chapter of Resistex Silver, to discover how and why it helps you to take over the heat in the warmer seasons.