Everybody gets confused when think to inox. When you listen to that raw material your first thought goes to skyscrappers and innovative building. Few people really know that by using it, it’s possible to realize a special yarn which fits perfectly for fashion fiel too.

Our development team and labouratories created Resistex Inox. All raw materials used in the production of the Resistex ® Inox yarns have European origins, tested and guaranteed by Tecnofilati. Resistex ® Inox is a product created for an evolved  textile market . A high quality yarn, with a high added value ,developed thank to a ten-year partnership with the most important and qualified European producers of raw materials.

After years of research, Resistex ® has identified in stainless steel (Inox) AISI 316 L, the only material able to meet all the regulations related to allergies and corrosion.

Resistex Inox ® conforms to the European 94/27 EC concerning  anti-allergic steel, and the alloy AISI 316 L, with a low carbon content (less than 0.03%) guarantees ,over time ,the  resistance to fabric oxidation.

The outstanding conductive features of Resistex ® Inox make the fabric antistatic and effective in the electromagnetic fields shielding, thus creating an immediate sense of well-being for the wearer, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for the premature tissue deterioration.