Time to be different, time to renew the world of textile proposing a revolutionary yarn: Inox Resistex ha come.

That kind of yarn is obtained from the coating of thin filaments of stainless steel textile fibers as the result of a year of research made in Resistex ®  laboratory. The research has identified in stainless steel (Inox AISI 316 L), the only material able to meet all the regulations related to allergies and corrosion.

It has a main benefit, which the high level of resistence to fabric oxidation, due to the low carbon content that makes it suitable for workers too. The outstanding conductive features of Resistex ® Inox make the fabric antistatic and effective in the electromagnetic fields shielding, thus creating an immediate sense of well-being for the wearer, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for the premature tissue deterioration 

But now it’s time to discover the best practice to applicate Inox in the daily life. If you like to know better all the plus of Inox you’d visit the website: https://resistex.com

That yarn was born to increase the textile’s market, giving it a bit of innovation. Don’t you believe? Read all the possible uses!Fabrics for fashion clothing

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