For all the week we’ve spoken about one of the most particular yarns created by our firm. Due to the start of Triathlon’s Championship and the restart of our team 707 Resistex engaged with the national competition, we’d like to disclose all the features that characterize… Bioceramic

That yarn results perfect for every athlete who plays outdoor beneath bad weather or excessive hot temperature. Our guys really love bioceramic ad in the following lines we explain all the benefits…

download (2)Tests prove how Resistex® Bioceramic greatly reduces the consumption of calories thereby safeguarding the physical energy of the body.
The bio-ceramic provides high thermal insulation that maintains a constant body temperature even in conditions of extreme cold. As demonstrated by clinical trials, Resistex® Bioceramic plays a stimulating action at a microcirculatory level which results in a constant strengthening of the metabolism.