Resistex is an exclusive brand which works for other textile brands engaged in the hard challenge of reaching a certain level of performance for their clothes.

A good exemplum is referred to Outwet for its use of our Carbon Yarns, inserted at 15% quantity in special t-shirts for excellent results both amateur and agonistic challenge. The netting wave increases the performance of the textile in traspiration and adherence, dismissing the problem of static electricity.

Human body is now free from static electricity so that it can avoid muscle contractions, cramps and weariness. A new condition capable to improve the blood circulation and the relative oxygen supply to the cells.

The great change is the respiration improvement with 3 L per minute, which reduces heartbeat: 142/144 instead of 150. Considering the whole time of a cycle challenge, around 4h, tha man who wears Carbon saves 1.000 hearbeats that means energy reserve.