Sport and wellness go hand in hand, but not alone. And never like today, people are looking for new and natural solutions to improve their performance. Hence the born of a technical yarn, called BioCeramic and new in Resistex Range, brand owned by Tecnofilati Srl, Italian industry part of Abati Group.

One of the main features of Resistex Bioceramic is the Fir Rays Emission that works taking advantage of the human heat. Indeed the body heat instead of dispersing in the air is reflected by the yarn before being returned to the skin in the form of FIR (far infrared rays) that is able to penetrate the subcutaneous tissues and to stimulate the microcirculatory system, thus strenghtening the metabolism and the drainage of excess liquids.

This is not a spell, but pure technology after years of research by Tecnofilati’s R&D department, able to select the right category of minerals for their thermic capacity and light reflection properties. In the specific, those minerals are: Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Aluminium Oxide and Zinc Dioxide.

The minerals are subjected to different processing steps to make them a nanometer sized powder present inside the yarn. Hence we obtain a yarn mainly used for the production of fabrics that are able to reflect and transform the human heat. The capacity to control the heat makes this yarn a perfect ally for the body protection against UV-A and UV-B rays best known to injure the body.

On the other hand Resistex Bioceramic, thanks to the presence of those minerals allows to reflect the rays of a caloric nature: by screening the heat of the sunlight and lowering the temperature of the inner surface of the fabric, hence ensuring freshness and comfort even during sport activities.

But this is just a previouw of the enormous range of features related to Resistex Bioceramic yarn, that you can discover in depth by clicking the following link that will redirect you to the offical page of Resistex Brand website.