In the following article we are pleased to advance the exclusive interview with mr. Andrea Abati, General Manager of Tecnofilati Srl and Resistex® brand’s founder.

1. Resistex® is a brand which represents a great multiplicity of merits. We just enumerate a few of them: care of people, the made in Italy philosophy, a safe and regular life. But what really make everybody astonish are the continuous investements in research:

Reasearch has always been the guide line of my management activity since ever, and since the brand’s foundation I’ve always invested money to develop new yarns. Nowadays Research is an incentive that allows to transform the simple idea in a whole product, increasing people lives.    Our policy, year by year, allowed us to grow up in several different markets by introducing innovative yarns orientend to the performance increasement in any area: sport, medical, working and daily life. Concluding, I consider research the way to go on the adverse economic circumstances best known as crisis.

7072.  If Resistex® is the reflection of your own battle-cry (increase your performance), which aims do you intend to reach?

The first goal is to spread our brand all over the world, making it appreciate like a synonimous of innovation, quality and performance.  

3. Which message you’d like to spread to all the people and, especially, to the sportsmen that mean Resistex® not only a yarn producer but a real way of life?

Resistex® product line is oriented to all the people who would like to increase their performance both in the sportslife and in the daily one. Wearing Resistex® clothes is a synonimous of safety and quality.

4. And now tell us how Triathlon 707 partnership was born…

It was a real casuality. I came from swim, a sport that i practiced for more than ten years at agonistic level. But everything logochanged two years ago when I met two old teammates. They left swim changing in Triathlon: a sport never known. I fell in love with it immediatly and I started to practice it. In that period it was decided to found a new team inspired by the power and the speedy of Boeing707: the new team was so named 707 Triathlon! Then I became its sponsor and in less than two years we have obtained incredible wins. Today 707 is the second italian team, with an athlete summoned in the national team Italia: he’s Gregory Barnaby and his ambitious goal is the qualification to the next Olympics Games. The second great athlete is Jacopo Butturini who is obtaining great results in Europe. And last but not least the other champions that make me so proud of them

5. Resistex® is the main sponsor of 707 Triathlon, so what do you ask your team?

As I answered in the last question, I want to spread our brand through the world, and 707 Triathlon wins make this possibile… Could I ask something more?Schermata 09-2456912 alle 13.22.53

6. Looking toward: what do we expect from the next year? Please, an anticipation…

Next year we’d like to get inside the world of fashion, because we’re concluding an important deal with a notorious brand which belong to this area… But trust me: I can’t say anything more

7. Which is your own battle-cry, mr. Abati?

“Chi la dura la vince”… In other words: if you don’t happen at first, try and try again

8. So please, give to youth an advice…

The only advice I could give them – which is the same one that follow me through – is: believe in your dream and work hard to realize them: results will arrive