Performance is a word, performing a matter of facts, easily demonstrated by the results of Resistex Carbon yarn used to realise sports clothing and also chosen by the German brand Dowe also for the athletes of their Race Team.

THanks to Resistex Carbin yarn, the designers of the brand have been able to realise the SuperForm cycling jersey with CARBON fibres is our absolute top seller. Its sporty fit and high-end function make it popular with professional and hobby athletes alike. The jersey is slightly waisted, but not skintight and offers a little more room around the hips. A 3-piece pocket on the back of the jersey provides enough storage space for personal items, small tools or a windbreaker. The gel grip waistband keeps the jersey in position. Several reflective strips increase visibility in low light conditions to increase your safety.

The CARBON HIGH PERFORMANCE material is extremely breathable, ultra-light and pleasantly soft on the skin. Moisture is transported away from the skin, so that the body remains dry and productive longer. Unpleasant salt precipitations are avoided or develop on the outside of the material, thus reducing friction. It can also be worn without undershirt without getting sore in sensitive areas.
The high-tech material is antistatic and has an antibacterial effect. Odours don’t stand a chance from the start. Another advantage of the CARBON material: it is performance-preserving. It reduces the production of lactate, it increases the blood circulation and this increases the supply of oxygen to the cells. Your energy is better used.
Many long distance (RAAM) and World Cup riders trust in our professional quality.

As a brand, we of Resistex are very proud to share with our audience how our partners manage to use our technical fibers. To go more in-depth of Resistex Carbon, click here