The most of us are seeing the of the lockdown, hoping that Covid 19 just belongs to the past. This tremendous experience which involved the whlole world, has made us more conscious about the external dangers in the environment.

All this developed in us a special sensibility which pushes us to look for more protection against bacteria e virus. Hence from all over the world, hundreds of weavers and brands are looking for technical yarns able to ensure protection by applying them to the clothes and all the things that sorround us.

A decade ago Tecnofilati Industry, company part of the holding Abati group, studied and produced a special yarn nowadays called Resistex Copper.

Copper has high termal conductivity features and important antibacterial properties, essential elements for the human body. Resistex Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper.

Fighting against the microbes that caus damages to human body, Resistex Copper is very useful both at home and in hospital field. We offer a strong antibacterial product that can eliminates a broad spectrum microbes: so that we can define it a bactericidal agent.

The effect of Resistex Copper is possible thanks to the positive action on the cell walls of the microorganism and it is necessary to reduce bad smells.

There is a various number of applications for Resistex Copper: you can choose it for Industrial Textiles, Bed Sheets, Heating Textiles, Sportwear, Mattress, Curtains, Socks.

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