Sport is life but history and tradition too. And in the newest continent the World Championship of Cricket is going to take place, attracting billions of spectators who come from Asia and Oceania. From the 14th of february to the 29th of march Australia will host the greatest event, nowadays considered the third championship in the world for the number of followers. Cricket comes after Soccer and Olympiads because the half part of the world – in opposite to occident – is really fond of this ancient sport which is a great business for Asian’s and Oceanian’s company. To raise the curtain on the event is the stadium of Christchurch in New Zeland, followed by Melbourne, in Australia, for the last day for the conclusion. We are correctly accustomed to see the world divided in occident and orient: the first part is really fond of soccer while the second lives for cricket: the emerging Bollywood, local politicians, professionals and normal people too, counting billion of spectators that snub the american baseball (considered its successor) and prefer watching 150 km per hour speed of cricket’s ball.

So discovering cricket, for us, is the same of discovering a new world and new markets, with great opportunities and enormous culture. Actually the cricket reigning is India and the most awarded nation is Australia. Each game is considered an history, written hour by hour, that can last for five days and more. And now a curiosity: cricket is the only sport to have an obituary : “English Cricket is dead”, wrote a britain newspaper after England’s debacle against Australia… And from its ashes is born a Mundial cricket, spread all over the world which is rewriting history. Be Different!