Have you ever minded which could be the right solution against summer temperature on the long term?

Today we give you the right answer, starting from the secret of wellness which lays into a raw material called Carbon. Everybody works out to prepare the body for summer, but against a good intention there’s a tough weather that can stop each effort.

Our laboratories found the solution and it is represented by a special yarn: it’s ResistexCarbon, born to increase the technical performance of sportswear, improving also muscle performance.

This yarn is based on the unique technical characteristics that act on man’s behavioral thermodynamics, and is obtained from the union of the textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.

All the brands which choose our yarn Resistex Carbon are sure to give these three benefits to their textile products:

  1. reduction of oxygen requirements
  2. reduction of heart beats
  3. reduction of lactic acid

And above all, Resistex Carbon i featured by an important characteristic: the heat regulating property! Yes, indeed Carbon speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.

In addiction there’s the reflective feature, that allows to protect the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and uv rays. Last but not least you see also the bacteriostatic capacity, because our yarn respects the skin and protects it from bacteria and pollutant dusts, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies.

Resistex Carbon is also certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

So, if you interested to better know all the feature of a unique yarn, visit our web site and download the brochure.