Are videogames really dangerous for us? A question which has no answer yet, but which has – in the same time – also stimulated the scientific research, opening to new discoveries in this area that looks forward. This situation is becoming revolutionary because it has been changing athletes’ everyday training. And in the same time ASI (Sport and Social Italian Association) has been recognised from Coni, creating Gec (Competitive electronic games), a solution that transformes videogame in a real sport.

The main tech companies follow the new trend, proposing on the market game related to Triathlon and Duathlon after a deep social research among people which has brought to a new discovery: the more time past, the most of people (both men and women) are loving triathlon and duathlon… The sports of the future.

Well… Nintendo Wii now allows to each sportslovers to compete against other sportsmen all over the world directly from home through the new creation: Home Triathlete™. It is an accessory able to register yourself and to connect you in real time in the virtual world with professional equipment.

A daily training for the running, seven then for foot pool to prepare athletes to the swimming challanges and, last but not least, a bike connected with the console that simulate cyclism. All of this is becoming a total support for triathlon and duathlon athletes that are still practising them. What do you think about this change?