It’s the event of the year which every triathlet waits for, and now it is finally arrived at its third edition: we’re speaking about the Triathlon Gala 2015. But this time the gala has another taste and the smell in the air is very close to the smell of the win for the 707 Resistex®: a very young team, which was born few years ago and in the same few years has been reached the top of triathlon’s championship. The trend followed by 707 retraces a way composed by sweat, training and wins: now the awaited moment. Also this edition has been organized by the journalist and triathlets Dario “daddo” Nardone with a precise prerogative: to reward and to underline the excellences of italian triathlon. The gala is taking place the 31th of january, hosted by Cinema Manzoni settled in Milan. You can rate your favourite sportsman untill 11.59 p.m of 18th of january. By this way everybody can give his own opinion and choose the 4 candidates for each category. In the last few days 707 Resistex® started to give a boost of adrenaline on social medias by announcing its Fantastic 4:

Elisa Battistoni: category Triathlon donna

Sara Dossena: category Triathlon lungo donna

Gregory Barnaby: category Triathlon uomo

Jacopo “bigbuttu” Butturini: category Triathlon uomo

After that another reward will take place in tha same gala: the prizegiving to the best triathlon team, and 707 is competiting for another win.