Technology as a service for progress and wellness to increase peolple’s daily living. It is named Resistex® Bioceramic the special yarn able to catch the Ray of Life, really adaptable to  every human need.

The ultimate discover in Tecnofilati Srl ItalianCompany  links the best polyester to bio-ceramic crystals: a creation that crosses physics, medicine and science becoming the best example of hybrid engineering adaptable to human’s daily life, perfect in every season with a special warranty: the quality of made in Italy


The harmful ultraviolet rays should be totally absorbed by the ozone layer around the Earth. However the pollution of the atmosphere is progressively compromising the protection of the ozone layer facilitating the passage of UV rays. The Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is able to guarantee the right protection to our body.

Prolonged exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer and can cause rashes and burns. The UV-A rays pass through the epidermis and, in a good proportion, reach the dermis, causing tissue damages, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

UV-B rays are instead totally absorbed by the epidermis subjecting it to the risk of burns, blemishes and irritations. From all these needs Resistex® Bioceramic was born, immediately able to protect the body against the risks mentioned above.

Now we summarize the main features of Resistex® Bioceramic

  • It is a last generation yarn made by the linking of polyester fiber and bio-ceramic crystals resistant also after many washes
  • It has a good flexibility thanks to its combination with natural fibers
  • It offers total protection against solar rays UV-A and UV-B
  • It is a shield against solar heat, offering freshness during solar exposure and sport
  • It isolates cold, offering thermal insulation thanks to fibers made with bio-ceramic
  • It pushes out FIR to stimulate microcirculator system and strenghten the metabolism

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