Performance is everything to succeed in the sport competitions. Hence the reason why players all over the world, in addition to the daily training are looking for new allies able to support their effort in any possible environment’s condition.

Today we are pleased to introduce two different realities, engaged in two different disciplines both using our yarns to realise the sports clothing for their athletes. On one side there’s 707 Triathlon, professional team of Italian Triathletes and sponsored by our brand Resistex, that chose the technical yarn Resistex Bioceramic to realise the triuits.

On the other side there’s tha brand Base Padel Milan, shooting star of the new discipline which intribuing and involving professional sportsmen all over the world, especially here in Italy. To skyrocket Base Padel’s popularity is the presence of notorious footballers now passionate of Padel. The main feature of Base Padel brand is characterised by the presence of Resistex Carbon yarn as main component fo the fabric used for the garments.

Why choosing Resistex Bioceramic? Why Choosing Resistex Carbon? As follows an in-depth analysis to better discover those technical yarns on top of the requests.

Why Resistex Bioceramic: since forever used by our professional team 707 Triathlon,

The Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is used for the production of fabrics that, thanks to the presence of the minerals con-tained within it, are able to absorb and reflect the heat of the human body, allowing an advanced form of photo-treatment as it does not require a source of active light, but uses the reflected light generated by the body heat. Once stimulated by heat, the minerals present in the yarn reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band (F.I.R) that pene-trate the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers and interact with the water molecules and with the organic compounds present in the tissues.

Bio-ceramic is therefore able to reflect FIR (far infrared rays), ie a type of electromagnetic waves of reduced length, belonging to the spectrum of sunlight and similar to its invisible radiations (gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet rays), as they are able to penetrate to a depth of 4/5 cm. As some research studies in the biological field have demonstrated, thanks to these characteristics, the FIR are ab-sorbed with great ease by the organism, to which they provide an indispensable contribution to growth and develop-ment. The heat generated by FIR facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles. The increase in blood flow, which fol-lows the vasodilatation, sends more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies into the tissues and facilitates the removal of catabolites from the tissues. These biological modifications improve tissue trophism, facilitate the repair of tissue damage and accelerate the resolution of inflammatory infiltrates.

Why Resistex Carbon, used by Base Padel Milan

The high conductivity characteristics of Resistex® Carbon also allow a quick the dispersion of sweat, inducing sweat evaporation.
The less sweat comes in contact with the skin, the greater the wellbeing feeling, a comfortable wear that we can define “wellness even under pressure”.
Another peculiarity of our yarn is the feeling of wellbeing, connected to the high level of conductivity of the yarn.

The presence of Resistex® Carbon avoids the dejection of electric charges against human body.
We can consequently state that carbon improves the electric performance of our body allowing a decrease in body swear and an increasing its evaporation.

A physical test performed over a period of thirty minutes, with athletes wearing a shirt containing Resistex® Carbon yarn, shows that at the 15th minute and at the 30th minute, the athlete’s metabolic energy presents a growth index of yield, which goes from 24.68% to 24.93% and indicates that the muscular system can transform heat into mechanical energy.

Years of research and test brought to life Resistex brand, able over the time to distinguish itself from competitors thanks to exclusive expertise. The result is a whole range of technical yarns characterized by a high level of technology that can satisfy the market’s needs.
Since their creation, Carbon, Copper, Bioceramic, Silver and Inox were tested and proved by several analysis led by in-dipendent laboratories and university research centers.

Nowadays Resistex is considered a worldwide landmark in the field of technical yarns’ production and in their vast are-as of application. Medical, Workwear, Wellness, Sport, Industry and Fashion.