Gregory Barnaby was born in Verona on june 24st, 1991 from english parents very engaged with sport. His dad Roberto practised Mtb while his mother Rebecca was a marathon runner. Barnaby’s brothers, Simon and Joseph, are very skilled triathlets, with an international fame. After the practice of swim at the age of five, Gregory started with triathlon: he was just 9, but very motivated to become a champion. Some different articles taken from newspaper explain that Barnaby was also fond of soccer, a team sport played with his friends, but the real passion became the triathlon. When he was 16 convinced himself that this sport would become his way of life. To confirm the prediction, the first wins. In junior category Gregory was convocated by the National Team’s coach to partecipate at the European Cup. After some years the famous italian team 707 Triathlon discovered Barnaby’s talent and the will that distinguished his performances. In 2013 Barnaby obtained the best results of ever, conquiring the first position of four challanges, three second places and six thirds. These performances permitted him to win the bronze medal at Absolute Italian Championship Under 23, silver medal Olympic Italian Championship No-Draft and the gold one in the team-challange. After all, Barnaby conquired one more title, this time related to fair play in Bardolino (Verona). It is important to remeber how loyalty and human help can better the world where we live.