Since 1995 the Italian company Tecnofilati Srl, part of the Holding Abati Group, started to develop high technical yarns, thanks to its skills in the spinning segment of the textile industry.

Nowadays, in a world scared by several diseases, Tecnofilati can help the human race through its own conductive yarns. We’re speaking about Copper Yarn and Silver Yarn, firstly studied and tested in our labouratories and then realized in our industry.

These kind of yarns are known with the brand of Resistex, and their usefulness is major than their appeal due to the recent sanitary crisis.

A recent article published on Science Examiner presents in depth the unique qualities of Resistex Copper, introducing Tecnofilati as the main player in the world able to produce a conductive yarn based on copper.

Resistex Copper: it has high thermal conductivity features and antibacterial properties, essential elements to protect human body. This yarn is obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper. So even more companies are using Resistex Copper to wave textile for garments, clothes, bed sheets, heating textile, sportswear, curtians, socks.

Moreover the performance that copper gives the final products are multiple:

  1. Antistatic properties: it disperses electric charges accumulated from the external environment;
  2. Metabolic properties: if absorbed by the skin, copper supports human body growth and its wellness
  3. Antioxidant properties: it allows to fight free radicals that cause skin’s aging
  4. Transpirent properties: it speeds up the moisture transfer process
  5. Heat regulating properties: it keeps the temperature constant

Resistex Silver: silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases, especially infectious. Indeed both Greece and Romanto disinfect stored water and other liquid used silver. Resistex Silver is a special yarn that bases its peculiarity on the many beneficial and healing qualities of silver. It is based on 99,9% pure silver, created by combining a layer of about 0,5 micron of silver (about 20%) with a textile support.

These are the main features of Resistex Silver yarns:

  1. Antimicrobial: it eliminates a large spectrum of microbes, acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. Helps in reducing bad smells caused by some microbes.
  2. Antistatic: because of its conductivity, the fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical excercise.
  3. Heat Regulating: silver is an excellent conductor of heat, carrying away the excess heat

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