Look at the moon, then imagine a shuttle driven by NASA’s astronauts ready for a historical departure. So ask yourself: “What do they need?”
The answer is not so common as you could mind, but the solution is nearer than you can think: Resistex® Silver. Even today, NASA uses that row material to preserve the purity of the Space Shuttle and the quality of travel for astronauts’ safety.

In the same way, Resistex® uses silver (best known as Resistex® Silver) to increase the healt, by wearing its clothes or using ittechnology_jerseyfabrics_silver_0s products, thank to the antibacterical properties: the presence of only one part of elementary silver in a 100 million parts
solution is enough to achieve an effective antibacterical action. But there’s an exclusive plus introduced by Tecnofilati Laboratories, which is the high technology against the cold and afterwards the remedies to contrast the radiations’ problem too. It’s the reflecting power that in silver is greater than 95%.
No other material has the same value and that means just one thing: the most part of radiant energy which comes into contact with silver is reflected back to its source.

Resistex® is not just a brand, but a real performant producer of several products certificated by test OEKO-TEX Classe 1 and Test Antibatterico Jis 1902, pushed forward by the battle cry: Increase Your Performance