Adrenalin is flowing in every cinema, tuning and turbot are vibrating for the showing of Fast & Furious 7. Indeed Resistex represents perfectly the philosophy of this movie: braver spirit and sport soul. In few words a binomial which speaks the language of our brand. The movie Fast & Furious 7 came out in the last days and it brings a particular memory which touches all the fans, due to the last appearance of the actor Paul Walker, dead last year. However we’re fond of curiosity and off stages, so we disclose 5 aspects related to the movie. Ready, steady, go.
1. Tonight I’m diving

The whole cast will dive into the vacuum from an army airplane C-130…

  1. Memories + Special Effects

Paul Walker will be present in the movie though his tragic death happened
last jannuary

  1. Scoop

Fast & Furious gets sooner in Italy than in the Usa

  1. They’ll be famous…

Now take the spoiler: Owen Shaw, in the last episode, was defeated and killed, but his brother decided to revenge him

5.  Preview

The beauties in the cast are… Elsa Pataky, Iggy Azalea and Nathalie
Emmanuel: do you know them?

At least, we can just prepare some pop corn and make polish our spoilers, because Fast and Furious is back!