Human health it’s anavoidable that has to pass through the sleeping hours. It’s a crucial moment, where body and mind can restore themselves and gain new energy from the rest.

Years of tests and practice allowed us tu collaborate with weavers and brands to meet their needs, marrying the high quality of the fabric with the high performance of our technical yarns signed by our brand Resistex.

Today we want to introduce you three yarns from our range mostrly used to realise performing fabrics for th coverage of mattresses. Each one has a list of features chosen based on the needs of the client.

So let’s go in depth to discover what more a yarn can give the fabric and how it works on the human body and why.

Mattress made with Resistex Bioceramic Yarn:

After several years of research Tecnofilati’s R&D department selected a certain type of minerals characterized by thermic capacity and light reflection properties to create a new yarn named Resistex® Bioceramic
The minerals chosen are:
Titanium Dioxide
Silicon Dioxide
Aluminium Oxide
Zinc Dioxide
The minerals were subjected to different processing steps to make them a nanometer-sized powder which subse-quently allowed them to be added to PET and give life to the Resistex Bioceramic Master Batch. The Master Batch was mixed with Polyester and subsequently extruded to obtain the Resistex Bioceramic yarn, both filament and fiber

Mattress made with Resistex Copper Yarn:

Resistex® Copper is a new generation of yarn developed by Tecnofilati’s after years of research. It is obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with a special filament of extra thin copper, polish or plain.

This raw material is known for its electrical conductivity, heat regulation and antimicrobial effects properties.Thanks to fibers’ long durability even after numerous washes, copper is used in several fields

Mattress made with Resistex Carbon Yarn:

hysical fitness is certainly one of the crucial points that determine the performance of a sportsman, and the surrounding environment in which an athlete is measured presents numerous pitfalls that could compromise muscle integrity, linked to difficulties in controlling static electricity.

Extensive studies in the field of ESD (Electro Static Discharge) have shown that the environmental threat of variable electric fields affects any type of environment. The human organism is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena and accentuated by the surrounding urban context.
The electric charges that are dispersed in the body of an athlete are responsible for numerous negative effects.

That’s why the sports fabrics that include in their composition the Resistex® Carbon yarn can prevent the electric charges from discharging on the body, thus avoiding muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.

Carbon improves the electrical performance of the human body by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increase in resistance and reducing the sense of fatigue in the muscles

Are you interested to know more about theire performance and features? Contact us to receive the brochures and the documentation, then test our yarns.