Spring is commonly known as a tough season, characterised by the change of temperature and the climate. It’s not a mistery that the most of people suffer that particular condition, hence many take a dietary supplement, use specific cosmetic products but sometimes forget to protect the body though the right yarns.

Today we’d like to explain you what are the tech performances essential for a daily wellbeing, each one present in our technical yarns. Resistex is a brand owned by Abati Group, an Italian Holding composed by companies skilled in yarns and fabrics prodcution since 1977.

Today our exprtised allows us to help people to increase their daily wellness through a unique know-how in the production of technical yarns.

  1. Antimicrobial: Resistex Copper and Resistex Silver, for example, are able to counteract a broad-spectrum of microbes, that trend to increase in spring. Thanks to these raw material, our yarns can act againt micro-organism cell walls.
  2. Copper Feeding: Resistex Copper is perfect for the Cupro Therapy, a therapeutic use of this raw material that is based on the assimilation of copper. This method was already used in 6.000 b.C. A surevey on 300 people suffering from arthritis, showed that wearing a bracialet made of copper can increase the wellness.
  3. Sun Shielding: the fibers made with Resistex Bioceramic guarantee a reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature, generating a shielding effect against the heat of the sun, keeping the internal temperature of the fabric constant.

What do you think about these three essential features? Discover more on our website – www.resistex.com