Tecnofilati Srl

Over than 25 years of experience and commitment are the drivers that lead Tecnofilati Srl (coompany part of Abati Group) toward the future, developing unique yarns for their features and uses in several field.

So today’s focus is addressed to 3 properties common in other 3 yarns of Resistex range, a brand which is synonym of performance. Those three features area seriously demanded on the textile market, because they are able to satisfy human needs along daily life: work, fashion, loungewear.

In the specific, we are speaking about features that allow to offer effects such as: Wellbeing, Heat Regulating and Antistatic, each one indissolubly tied to the raw material chose to realise our yarns

Wellbeing Feature: this kind of effect can be seen in yarns like Resistex Copper and Resistex Silver, based on metals that are essential to the matebolism, important for the growth process and the development of the body, able to ensure a good heath. Those fibers once in contact with the skin can transfer the properties of Silver and Copper, generally assimilated throguh food and water but barely retained by the body.

Heat Regulating Feature: it is present in Resistex Copper, Resistex Carbon and Resistex Silver yarns. To better define the meaning of heat regulating, in few words, it’s enough explaining that a fabric containing those yarns allow to speed up the evaporation process of the sweat, slowing down the build-up of moisture on the skin. The main effect is keeping the body at constant temperature

Antistatic Feature: the third property we’re going to describe is still present in all the three yarns previously described. Again, Resistex Copper, Resistex Silver and Resistex Carbon have the capability to protect the human body from the external enviroment. In depth, we all know that the environment can create problem with the control of static electricity and variable electric field. The presence of yarns based on Carbon, Copper or Silver guarantees a protection, due to their conductive features. These three yarns can absorb and disperse the electric charges that are accumulated from the external environment or during physical activities. The direct effect is the prevention of cramps and fatigue, improving wellbeing in sport and daily life.

Since their creation, Carbon, Copper and Silver were tested and proved by several analysis led by in-dipendent laboratories and university research centers. Nowadays Resistex is considered a worldwide landmark in the field of technical yarns’ production and in their vast areas of application. Medical, Workwear, Wellness, Sport, Industry and Fashion.