What is the real meaning of “need”? We’re sure it depends on people lives. Each one has a specific need or a problem to solve. That’s why starting from a raw material, human mind can be inspired and studying something that can improve people’s life.

Today we describe 3 products made with our yarn: the ResistexCarbon. An increasing number of world wide company are asking more information about it, and recently we served some corporates from Thailand and Vietnam too. A great result, not only for our brand, but also for the global understanding about the importance of having the right yarn in the right moment.

We contribute, by spinning millions of yarns per year, to give humans something better their lives.

Here 3 products made with Carbon that can’t miss in your life.

A Mattress: because Carbon is natural: 100% natural, non-toxic and does not contain chemicals. So if you have a babe, you are sure to protect him.

A Pair of Socks: Because of Carbon conductivity, the fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical exercise.

An Undershirt: Because it speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.

As you can see, dear reader, september is the moth dedicated to Carbon. Because the season is changing; because people are looking for new purchases for their daily life, because we care your health and we love to pour some wellness tips.

Don’t miss our future news, and share them with your friends and family. Resistex yarns increase your life.

It is shown that Resistex® Carbon increases the efficiency of technical sportswear increasing muscular performances of the athlete. Resistex® Carbon is high performance, in particular, in disciplines that require prolonged physical effort over time and under high temperature ambient conditions.

The performance of the athlete, intended as the percentage of metabolic energy that the muscular system is able to transform into mechanical energy, remains constant and even tends to grow during the thirty minutes of effort wearing the shirt Resistex® Carbon