Resistex, Technical yarns for SPORTS

Improving sports performance is possible. Years of research and clinical tests, in collaboration with many international sports centers, have created a range of high performance yarns which combine natural fibers with natural materials and improves the physical state of athletes under all conditions.

Resistex, technical yarns for MILITARY

This is an area where body and fabrics are under strain, facing different environments and climates everyday. For this reason, Resistex offers a wide range of yarns characterized by a high technical level, able to bear extreme heat or ex-treme cold with great resistance against textile gashes.

Resistex, technical yarns for the PAINTING INDUSTRY

Quality, innovation and safety are the main features of a yarn created to protect human body. Resistex developed a special range of yarns with unique characteristics, able to improve human wellbeing and offer total protection in different environments.

Resistex, technical yarns for the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY

Each field requires specific fabrics. Resistex yarns make an unparalleled technical contribution in the chemical industry. They’re able to protect workers by the numerous threats, by entirely isolating the body from the surrounding environment.

Resistex, Technical yarns for the MEDICAL INDUSTRY

All the medical divisions present in a hospital are threatened by several risks. We are able to protect the people work-ing in healthcare, thanks to the front-runner yarns made by Resistex and their multiple benefits, such as the antibacterial properties inside the silver or the nutritious properties inside the copper. These raw materials are used to create performing yarns, with practical daily use.

Resistex technical yarns for the HOME LIVING

Making you feel safe and protected at home is our aim when improving people’s life quality. Wellbeing is achievable through a right furniture choice. That’s why Resistex technical yarns and their unique features are used to produce mattresses, curtains and bed sheets with incredible antimicrobial, antistatic and thermoregulating features.

Resistex, high performance and technological fibers and technical yarns

Resistex®, a Tecnofilati brand, is now a point of reference in the production of innovative technical yarns in the medical, chemical, fashion, military, wellness and sports industries thanks to their countless beneficial and protective properties:

Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals able to perform a highly beneficial action for the human body.

Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical features obtained by uniting textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.

Resistex® Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by uniting natural or artificial fibers with pure copper.

Resistex® Silver is obtained by coating a continuous nylon filament with a 99.9% pure silver layer. It’s a yarn developed for wellness.


Quality, Research and Performance

Continuous research and development over the years made the creation of Resistex possible, a skilled brand that counts a wide range of hitech products. This achievement allowed the company to grow up extending its business worldwide, supplying important international brands of many industries : sport, home living, fashion, workwear, industrial and chemical.
Resistex’s secret lays in the set up of company’s departments that collaborate with independent labs, able to create yarns suitable for any application. Each product was tested by local and foreign University research centers. A method-ical procedure set up by Resistex researchers provides specific stress tests for each yarn. This allows increasing in the products performance. Discover their various tech performances, find a match for your specific needs and choose your yarn.

Tech Performance

Resistex® products are composed by different hi-tech yarns suitable for sport, protection and wellness purposes. Discover how a technically enhanced garment can turn into an ally able to improve performance.


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