Resistex ® steel is a yarn obtained from the coating of thin filaments of stainless steel textile fibers.

After years of research, Resistex ® has identified in stainless steel (Inox) AISI 316 L, the only material able to meet all the regulations related to allergies and corrosion.

Resistex Inox ® conforms to the European 94/27 EC concerning  anti-allergic steel, and the alloy AISI 316 L, with a low carbon content (less than 0.03%) guarantees ,over time ,the  resistance to fabric oxidation.

The outstanding conductive features of Resistex ® Inox make the fabric antistatic and effective in the electromagnetic fields shielding, thus creating an immediate sense of well-being for the wearer, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for the premature tissue deterioration .


All raw materials used in the production of the Resistex ® Inox yarns have European origins, tested and guaranteed by Tecnofilati. Resistex ® Inox is a product created for an evolved  textile market . A high quality yarn, with a high added value ,developed thank to a ten-year partnership with the most important and qualified European producers of raw materials.

Resistex ® Inox is ideal for the production of:

Fabrics for fashion clothing

Fabrics for sportswear (external)

Furnishing fabrics

Fabrics for curtains

Industrial Fabrics


Test EMC-RF Electro Magnetic Charge – Radio Frequency. 

Test that certifies the ability of a fabric to mitigate the electromagnetic field in different test situations and after several washes.