Copper and silver are able to eliminate a large spectrum of microbes, by acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. Thanks to its properties, Resistex Copper and Resistex Silver help reduce odors caused by microbes.


Special conductive fibers like carbon, copper or silver absorb and dissipate electric charges that accumulate from the external environment or during physical activity.

An Active barrier against sun’s heat

Bioceramic fiber ensures a long-lasting coolness during sun exposure or sport activities.


Respectful of the skin, protects from bacteria and polluting dusts, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies.

Beneficial to the human body

Metals such as copper and silver are essential to the metabolism, both metals are necessary for growth and development, indispensable for good health.

High Thermal Insulation

Bioceramic fibers insulate from the cold.

Emission of Far-Infrared Rays (FIR)

Thanks to the action of bioceramics, the body heat is absorbed by the yarn before being returned in the form of FIR (far infrared rays), penetrating the subcutaneous tissue and stimulating the microcirculatory system thus strengthening the metabolism.

To fight against free radicals

Copper and silver are present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme (SOD), which operates as a valid action against free radicals that cause degenerative aging.


100% natural, non-toxic, does not contain any chemical products.


Carbon and Silver® Resistex® fibers decrease the concentration of lactic acid during exercise. Resistex® Bioceramic technology and its action on FIR rays Improve blood circulation and cellular oxygenation.


A special structure that maintains its effectiveness over time, even after several washings.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Protection from electrostatic fields and electrosmog.

UV-A and UV-B Protection

Its special fibers protect from harmful UV-A UV-B rays.

Antiperspirant and Thermoregulatory

It speeds up the evaporation process, slows down the build-up of skin moisture and keeps the body at constant temperature.