Research Resistex ® has found a way to overcome this problem by creating a virtually perfect product.

The drawn metal thread (wireare traditionally very resistant to abrasion.

Research Resistex ® has found a way to overcome this problem by creating  a virtually perfect product.

What makes Resistex ® Ego unique in the world, it`s in fact its unique coating.

Unlike its competitors, Resistex ® Ego covers 99.9% of its soul in stainless steel 316 L with bicomponent textile fibers: cotton and polyamide.


All raw materials used in the production of the Resistex ® Inox yarns have European origins, tested and guaranteed by Tecnofilati. Resistex ® Inox is a product created for an evolved  textile market . A high quality yarn, with a high added value ,developed thank to a ten-year partnership with the most important and qualified European producers of raw materials.


Resistex ® Ego, with its exceptional overlay is almost two times more resistant to tearing and abrasions than conventional  drawn metal thread yarns which are traditionally  relatively resistant to rubbing.

Resistex ® research has found a way to overcome this problem, creating the United Nations virtually perfect product.

What Makes Ego Resistex ® unique in the world is in fact its Exclusive coating.

Unlike its competitors, Resistex ® Ego covers 99.9% of its soul in stainless steel (Inox) 316 L Bicomponent textile fibers: cotton and polyamide. This feature, in addition to ensuring a long life service – even after several washes – ease up theproduction processes: from the fabrics creation to the packing of the clothing. It also improves the response to dyeing and finishing.

In addition, Resistex ® Ego with its stainless stell (Inox) 316 L carries out an anti- static action and protection against electromagnetic fields, giving the wearer an immediate feeling of well-being.

Resistex® Ego is perfect for many uses and applications.

In particular, Resistex ® Ego proves to be extremely useful in all those productions in which fabric resistance to rubbing is particularly important:

from sportswear to fashion, from furnishing fabrics to industrial ones


Electro Magnetic Charge – Radio Frequency. Test that certifies the ability of a tissue to mitigate the electromagnetic field in different test situations and after several washes.